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Earrings that tell the story of your character

"'ttitto' was a repeated sound my daughter made when she was born and started babbling. It sounded like 'ttitto ttiddo ttiddu' to me.
I remember that moment vividly, with her smiling and babbling unintelligible words in her cute voice and mouth shape.
It felt like an endlessly happy moment, almost like a dream.
When my daughter was around 4 years old and started learning to talk and play, I bought her a Sesame Street.
Among them, she loved Elmo the most. She still loves and cherishes Elmo figurines and dolls to this day.
She used to call them Emo, Kkiddomonsddeo, Ebi, Ottoka, and whenever she saw the figurines, she would say 'ttitto ttitto.' Since then, our home has become a paradise for various figurines!
We collect various cartoon characters one by one, attend exhibitions, and buy souvenirs. Even when my husband go on business trips abroad, always bring back figurines. he bought Smurf figurines when he visited Belgium and Mickey, Minnie, Snoopy, Frozen, and Winnie the Pooh when he went on a business trip to the United States... even Marvel characters. ^^;;
Currently, our daughter is seven years old, and for a while, she was deeply fascinated by a Pokémon character named purin.
These days, she is deeply into Sanrio characters.
She finds Kaonashi very scary but thinks he's a good friend.
She considers Yubaba the scariest grandmother.
She still says 'ttitto ttitto' when she sees figurines.
She passionately engages in role-playing, and I couldn't help but feel the childlike desire to love and possess these characters while watching her tidy up the figurines.
Hello... I still have this childlike desire to love and possess these characters!
My daughter's love for characters and my childlike desire sparked our journey of collecting figurines one by one, and before we knew it, our home became overflowing with figurines. Seeing my daughter playing with them or looking at them, I was reminded of my childhood, and it sometimes brought tears to my eyes. When I was young, there was a channel called AFKN for the U.S. military in Korea, and I have vivid memories of watching Sesame Street on that channel.
My first pencil, my cherished dolls... it feels like being in a time machine, being immersed in those condensed memories of that moment. Time passes so quickly... With that in mind, I thought, 'What if I could turn these characters into accessories?' So I opened a online mall accessory store called 'Ttitto' and started selling them online. When I wear these accessories, not only my daughter but also her friends look at me with great interest. Even adults stare at me and say they are pretty. ^^ Do you have any nostalgic characters of your own? Take a leisurely stroll through Ttiddo Shop and discover your own childhood characters. I hope this place brings joy and happiness to all of you!"